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Use your computer to upload to Instagram

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11 Oct 2017 19:44 0 Comments

Instagram has chosen not to allow image uploads from their desktop website because they want to keep the Instagram experience as mobile as possible.
There is a way to upload photos to Instagram directly from your desktop computer without the need...

A comprehensive guide to password security online

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02 Dec 2016 18:29 0 Comments

Account security
All of us use services online that require us to create an account for whatever functionality you want to access. Most services have only one way to identify yourself and to protect your account; a...

Quick fix for CapsLockIndicator

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10 Apr 2016 4:48 0 Comments

Version 1.0.2 of CapsLockIndicator is now available.

A bug where the icon was changed back to the reverse state when holding down the capslock key was fixed.

Download the new fixed version here

New application, CapsLockIndicator

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05 Dec 2015 22:16 1 Comment

Does what it says on the tin. It displays the current state of your caps lock key in the task tray. You will likely need to drag the icon to the visible area from the hidden icons menu to always see the icon.

The program displays the...

Protect yourself from browser & addon exploits

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24 Mar 2015 4:59 1 Comment

Very recently an exploit has been in the spotlight that will not only encrypt your data and ransom you for 500 USD in bitcoin, but if you do not pay this money in time, the remotely stored encryption key will be destroyed after a certain time has...

PC Sleeper 1.4.0 available!

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14 May 2014 22:45 0 Comments

PC Sleeper has been updated to 1.4.0 and the update includes:Custom shortcut key combinations, new About window and various bugfixes.The latest version is packed in a zip and it includes a .dll file which must be included in the same directory as...

Update for PC Sleeper

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05 Jan 2014 14:41 1 Comment

The version 1.2 that introduced timed actions had a bug that sometimes caused it to ask for confirmation on executing timed actions.The new version 1.3.0 aims to fix that, and brings in 2 new features. PC Sleeper will now automatically check for...

PC Sleeper 1.2 available!

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25 Dec 2013 0:06 0 Comments

New version of PC Sleeper is available!The new version contains new features, major layout changes, and lots of bugfixes.PC Sleeper now allows you to set timed actions to shutdown, reboot, log off and to put the computer to sleep or...

Like our Facebook page and receive updates

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05 Dec 2013 19:23 0 Comments

We're on Facebook!We have our very own Facebook page, which you can go and like right now from this link.Liking the page will enable you to receive updates about our new downloads and updates to old versions!

New home-made comments system

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27 Nov 2013 2:36 4 Comments

After starting with Disqus, the website now uses a home cooked comments system. Commenting is encouraged and now doesn't even require you to create an account.Just insert your username, email and comment and you're off. Tips to improve the comments...

New download: MD5 Generator

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24 Nov 2013 0:40 2 Comments

MD5 Generator is a tool for creating an MD5 hash of your files, backups and pretty much any other file you throw at it.The tool can also validate a file by comparing the given MD5 hash to that of the file. That way you can know for sure that a file...


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19 Nov 2013 18:28 0 Comments

Check out the Downloads section. More applications will be added to the list when something that can be considered useful is ready to see the light of day.

New website!

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18 Nov 2013 1:52 0 Comments

The tech news blog Nikosite was known as, has moved. After being dormant for long, I wanted to put this domain to use.

Unfortunately for those who were our loyal readers, we're not writing news articles any more.

On this website I plan...

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