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New download: MD5 Generator

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By Niksuski24 Nov 2013 0:40

MD5 Generator is a tool for creating an MD5 hash of your files, backups and pretty much any other file you throw at it.

The tool can also validate a file by comparing the given MD5 hash to that of the file. That way you can know for sure that a file hasn't been altered or corrupted since its MD5 hash was generated.

MD5 Generator is a very useful tool for custom ROM cooks, and why not for anyone else who obsesses about security.

Go ahead, Download now!


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[Admin] Niksuski said:

Reply to @anu: Glad to hear! :)


27 Nov 2013 18:47


anu said:

Using this app for checking deltarom md5sum... :)


27 Nov 2013 15:51