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PC Sleeper 1.2 available!

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By Niksuski25 Dec 2013 0:06

New version of PC Sleeper is available!

The new version contains new features, major layout changes, and lots of bugfixes.

PC Sleeper now allows you to set timed actions to shutdown, reboot, log off and to put the computer to sleep or hibernate.

Naturally all of those features are available to be applied immediately and from the tray menu as long as PC Sleeper is running!

PC Sleeper version 1.2 Description:
PC Sleeper is designed to control your computer's power state.

You can use PC Sleeper to put your computer to sleep, hibernate, shutdown, reboot or log off.

These actions are always present in the tray menu as long as PC Sleeper is running, so you don't have to dig through your Start menu to access them.

The new version 1.2 enables specifying timed actions to apply any of the aforementioned actions after a specified time.

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