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Protect yourself from browser & addon exploits

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By Niksuski24 Mar 2015 4:59

Very recently an exploit has been in the spotlight that will not only encrypt your data and ransom you for 500 USD in bitcoin, but if you do not pay this money in time, the remotely stored encryption key will be destroyed after a certain time has passed.

To protect yourself from these kind of exploits you should always update your browsers and browser addons to their latest versions, not to mention operating system updates.

However, even if you are running the latest version you may still be vulnerable to malware.

This is why Nikosite Software recommends that you install a handy and lighweight Anti-Exploit tool from Malwarebytes that will protect your browsers and addons with 4 layers of protection to prevent hackers from accessing your computer. The best thing is, it's free!

Download and read more about this software at Malwarebytes' own website.


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rbsellman said:

Good idea


19 Nov 2016 15:14