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New home-made comments system

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By Niksuski27 Nov 2013 2:36

After starting with Disqus, the website now uses a home cooked comments system. Commenting is encouraged and now doesn't even require you to create an account.

Just insert your username, email and comment and you're off. Tips to improve the comments are welcome!

You can use the comments to ask for help or post suggestions, but you should never share your email address (or anything other personal info about yourself for that matter) in the comments to prevent spamming and protect your privacy.

While comments are desired, spamming is naturally forbidden. Spammers will be dealt with.


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Dovahkiin said:

Fus Ro Dah!


16 Feb 2015 13:35


Vijai said:

Nice niko!!! :D


28 Nov 2013 10:39


[Admin] Niksuski said:

Reply to @Bram: Thanks!


27 Nov 2013 18:47


[Admin] Bram said:

Nicely done!


27 Nov 2013 18:46