Nikosite Software Privacy Statement

Nikosite doesn't collect any information about you when you just browse our site.

We only collect personal data when you enter your email address and user name if you wish to comment. Your email address is only required to protect Nikosite Software from spam and your username from being used by others. We do not and never will sell email addresses to third parties, do not send spam and any email address entered into our systems won't be publicly visible.

All information you submit to us through forms will be sent through a connection protected by SSL-encryption, which you can see from the https://-protocol on your browser's URL bar after submitting a comment.

If you wish your commenting profile to be remembered, a cookie will be placed on your browser to make that happen.

Cookies can be placed by Google (ads), and they will not be used by Nikosite. Cookies placed by Google are used by Google to show you better ads. If you find any advertisements offensive, please contact us with a screenshot of the ad and as much detail as possible.