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New website!

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18 Nov 2013 1:52 0 Comments

The tech news blog Nikosite was known as, has moved. After being dormant for long, I wanted to put this domain to use.

Unfortunately for those who were our loyal readers, we're not writing news articles any more.

On this website I plan...


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19 Nov 2013 18:28 0 Comments

Check out the Downloads section. More applications will be added to the list when something that can be considered useful is ready to see the light of day.

New download: MD5 Generator

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24 Nov 2013 0:40 2 Comments

MD5 Generator is a tool for creating an MD5 hash of your files, backups and pretty much any other file you throw at it.The tool can also validate a file by comparing the given MD5 hash to that of the file. That way you can know for sure that a file...

New home-made comments system

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27 Nov 2013 2:36 4 Comments

After starting with Disqus, the website now uses a home cooked comments system. Commenting is encouraged and now doesn't even require you to create an account.Just insert your username, email and comment and you're off. Tips to improve the comments...

Like our Facebook page and receive updates

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05 Dec 2013 19:23 0 Comments

We're on Facebook!We have our very own Facebook page, which you can go and like right now from this link.Liking the page will enable you to receive updates about our new downloads and updates to old versions!