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Quick fix for CapsLockIndicator

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10 Apr 2016 4:48 0 Comments

Version 1.0.2 of CapsLockIndicator is now available.

A bug where the icon was changed back to the reverse state when holding down the capslock key was fixed.

(MD5: ed733d55cbb7e5e5e13bf866408927c1)

New application, CapsLockIndicator

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05 Dec 2015 22:16 1 Comment

Does what it says on the tin. It displays the current state of your caps lock key in the task tray. You will likely need to drag the icon to the visible area from the hidden icons menu to always see the icon.

The program displays the state with a capital letter A when your caps lock is enabled, and lower case letter a when caps lock is disabled.

It is designed to be used on laptops or tablets (running Windows) that don't have a built-in capslock indicator light on the keyboard.

You might need to confirm with Windows SmartScreen that the program is allowed to continue. Due to the recent nature of the program, antivirus programs will most likely block this app.

Download here

(MD5 checksum: dcba51e916371cfbf6ae5c9ba4274ab9)

Protect yourself from browser & addon exploits

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24 Mar 2015 4:59 0 Comments

Very recently an exploit has been in the spotlight that will not only encrypt your data and ransom you for 500 USD in bitcoin, but if you do not pay this money in time, the remotely stored encryption key will be destroyed after a certain time has passed.

To protect yourself from these kind of exploits you should always update your browsers and browser addons to their latest versions, not to mention operating system updates.

However, even if you are running the latest version you may still be vulnerable to malware.

This is why Nikosite Software recommends that you install a handy and lighweight Anti-Exploit tool from Malwarebytes that will protect your browsers and addons with 4 layers of protection to prevent hackers from accessing your computer. The best thing is, it's free!

Download and read more about this software at Malwarebytes' own website.

PC Sleeper 1.4.0 available!

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14 May 2014 22:45 0 Comments

PC Sleeper has been updated to 1.4.0 and the update includes:

Custom shortcut key combinations, new About window and various bugfixes.

The latest version is packed in a zip and it includes a .dll file which must be included in the same directory as the application in order for it to function properly.

Download here.

Update for PC Sleeper

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05 Jan 2014 14:41 1 Comment

The version 1.2 that introduced timed actions had a bug that sometimes caused it to ask for confirmation on executing timed actions.

The new version 1.3.0 aims to fix that, and brings in 2 new features.

PC Sleeper will now automatically check for updates when it's opened, and allows you to cancel a timed action just about to be executed.

Update on 9th Jan:
Fixed two crashes in app.

Download here.